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The Fieldhouse Foundation 

The Fieldhouse Foundation was formed in 2008 in an effort to provide fitness and recreation to those in our community who are underserved. The Foundation was created out of a concern for the growing issue of childhood obesity and a need to provide physical activities for special populations unable to exercise due to physical or financial limitations. Thanks to the generosity of this community the Foundation is currently serving over thirty five families who come to The Fieldhouse regularly to exercise and participate in programming. 

The Fieldhouse Foundation had made tremendous strides since its beginning in 2008, but hope to do much more! The Field of Dreams project, completed in the summer of 2010, saw the installation of two new turf services that are adaptive allowing many more individuals the opportunity to play soccer, baseball, and football. Two of our fields were named after young athletes that inspire us, Seth Dille and Ben Trebb. 

We are very grateful that Lowe's made it possible for us to install handicap ramps, which allow wheelchair access to all areas of The Fieldhouse. 

The Foundation is also in possession of a motorized chair lift for our pool. We also have pool rings that hang from the ceiling to provide upper body workout opportunities. Another piece of pool equipment that we have available is our aqua treadmill. This allows easier cardio exercise and more freedom of motion in the water than may be accomplished by some on the track or a normal treadmill.

The Fieldhouse Foundation possesses various specialized bicycles for our indoor track. This provides what we call exercise and therapy. These modified bikes provide a great workout for many children with special needs, but they will just tell you that they are having fun! Ultimately, that is our goal to make exercise fun and enjoyable. 

At the end of the day we love the smiles that we see on the kids faces as they soar to new heights. We are pleased with what we have been able to do to serve our community through this foundation. Our involvement in many cases has been simply to make certain activities or workouts more accessible for those individuals who are only in need of slight accommodations in order to participate in activities or perform various workouts. We are also delighted to provide specialized equipment and advanced modification for children who are in need of a little more assistance in order to make their dreams come true. 


The Fieldhouse would like to take this opportunity to thank all the community businesses and individuals who have financially supported The Fieldhouse Foundation over the years.   


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