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Meet our Fieldhouse Foundation Athletes and see them in action !

We came to the Fieldhouse about a year ago looking for some help for our son, Tyler. On April 1st 2016, after two surgeries on both of his feet, we were told that there was nothing else that could be done to help him with his pain/mobility. They explained that he would most likely be in a wheelchair within a year.  At this point, all we can do is support him and get him in physical therapy. He enjoys walking the track and absolutely loves riding the bike that is peddled with your arms.

He had a fear of water. He has come so far! He wouldn’t even get in the pool at first, and now you can’t get him out!  After a few other procedures and surgeries in December of 2016, we were told that Tyler has a rare muscle disease. This disease is so rare, that we are waiting on technology to advance, in order for them to be able to perform the proper procedure to figure out exactly what muscle disease he has and how to treat it.

Until then, all the doctors can do is try to manage his pain and the physical therapy helps tremendously. Without the Fieldhouse Foundation and United Way Tyler wouldn’t be where he is today. We can’t thank the Fieldhouse Foundation and the United Way enough for all they have done for Tyler and the other kiddos they help!!!!

Christy Rice

Since Levi has been attending The Fieldhouse he is doing great.  He has lost weight and has more energy to do things.   We go as a family to The Fieldhouse at least five times a week and we are there for two hours each time.  Levi walks on the treadmill for twenty minutes, then we swims for a while before he and his brother take off for the basketball court.  The Fieldhouse helped us get in contact with a foot specialist that has fitted him for orthotics and now Levi walks much better.  He is learning how to walk up and down steps safely and is no longer afraid of falling.  Levi loves his work out and the staff at The Fieldhouse for working with him on losing weight and making sure he is comfortable as possible.  They are always encouraging him.


The Fieldhouse foundation has motivated me to be a better and more helpful person. I have learned how to be patient while watching the other foundation members reach their goals. The Amicone family has shown me how to give selflessly. Without the help of The Fieldhouse I wouldn't be the person I have become today. I broke my foot while deployed in Afghanistan I was put in a boot for six weeks. Upon my return home my foot re-broke and I had to undergo surgery. I have been working with the foundation to strength my foot. After surgery and for weeks afterwards I was unable to do much. Since working with the foundation I can now run, lift weights and play with my son. I appreciate all of the work that the foundation has done with/for me.

TJ Goodrich

Jan. 14, 2015, Novalee was admitted to Genesis Hospital.  At the time she was 11 years old.  Her oxygen was dangerously low and her blood pressure was extremely high.  Numerous tests were conducted and the doctors determined that she had an enlarged thyroid, Hashimoto’s disease and sleep apnea.

One of the symptoms is fatigue as well as muscle weakness.  Determined to do everything possible, her parents contacted The Fieldhouse about physical training.  We were all very pleased to learn that she could get help through the Fieldhouse Foundation, Field of Dreams Project which is Christian based.  Novalee meets once a week with a trainer who is always very welcoming and genuinely concerned about Novalee’s physical and emotional well-being.

They normally begin the session with cardio.  Her trainers varies the equipment using each week, ensuring that Novalee does not become bored.  After the cardio, strength training is initiated.  Again, this portion of training, the type and the equipment varies each week.  Her trainer is very attentive to Novalee’s respiration and heartrate throughout the training.  She is always encouraging.  As Novalee’s strength and health have improved, her trainer has increased the intensity of the training.

It is a blessing to see the healing taking place within Novalee, both physically and emotionally, in large part due to this program.  I pray that she will be able to continue with the Fieldhouse Foundation as long as necessary.

Heather Sharp

We have been very impressed with The Fieldhouse Foundation.  From the moment we first met the staff, we felt like part of the family. Our daughter, Sara, was in an automobile accident on Sept. 4, 2015.  We spent 39 days at Grant Hospital, either in ICU or on the trauma floor.  Then we transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and we were there for two months receiving physical therapy.  When we were released, we wanted to continue with extensive therapy and we knew pool therapy would be good for Sara. I heard about the Fieldhouse Foundation while at Children’s and we stopped on our way home from the hospital on December 11th.  From the moment we met them, it was clear that here was a place with a very positive atmosphere and caring people.  Sometimes I feel that people who deal with cases like Sara’s get to a point where they are very negative and expect very little improvement. I don’t think that is helpful to anyone involved.  That is not the case at the Fieldhouse.  From the first time Sara got in the pool on December 22nd, they have been very encouraging and supportive.  They give her a good workout while cheering her on.  They are always looking for new ways to challenge her and help her improve. Not only does she use their pool therapy, she recently started using some of their exercise bikes.  They give her goals to work toward, they deal with her limitations, and they encourage her the whole time.  They also gave us an Activcycle to use at home that benefits Sara even on days with no outside therapy.

When Sara’s accident happened, I was very worried about what the insurance company would pay for and what we would do when we had run out of covered therapy visits.  The Fieldhouse Foundation has been a Godsend because I know that they will help us and be part of Sara’s recovery process long after the insurance has stopped paying for visits.  We are so grateful for everything they have done and continue to do, and we know that while we have a long road ahead of us, the Fieldhouse Foundation will be there to help Sara continue to improve, cheering her on every step of the way.

Susan St. Clair

Our five year old daughter, Kate was born with many special needs. We were told that she may not walk because of her spina bifida. She has had many different therapies and was walking with HKAFO braces and a walker. We were encouraged to consider aqua therapy to increase her core strength.

After investigating into options in our local area, we felt it was too expensive. Then we contacted The Fieldhouse letting them know of the situation. They were excited to inform us of the Foundation! We set up an appointment and were given a tour of the facilities at The Fieldhouse. We were amazed at all we were being offered: Kate would have a personal trainer one to two times a week and our entire household (11) would have a membership!

Since Kate has been going to the Fieldhouse, she has made great strides in her abilities! When we began in the pool, she only wanted to hold on and desire to get out. Now she walks up out of the pool on the steps alone, she swings on the rings and goes under water! That is amazing!

Besides the accomplishments she has made in the pool, she is also walking with crutches around the track! Along with her physical therapy which she receives, she practices on the track as well. She has been able to go around the track three times in a half hour!

We are convinced that all the expertise and great encouragement Kate receives at the Fieldhouse has been instrumental in helping her to surpass the goals we have dreamed for her! We so appreciate all the investment made in Kate's life. We recommend The Fieldhouse whenever we can! 

Gary and Darlene Ballantine

The Fieldhouse Foundation helps differently abled children and families with programs and training specific to the needs of your child. We appreciate everything they are doing for our family. Our 3 year old son is working with a great trainer to improve his balance and strength. He loves playing soccer and riding a tricycle around the track. We look forward to spending more time working with our new friends and family.

The Settles Family

Jocee Janicki is a 15 year old who believes all things are possible. She is a sophomore at Tri-Valley High School and has a 3.85 GPA in college prep classes. She loves to dance with a little help from the amazing staff at The Fieldhouse. They are able to choreograph a dance routine for her, with their help Jocee is able to do swim aerobics, with their help Jocee is able to do things she may not have ever tried. The one thing I didn't mention about Jocee is she is completely blind. The Fieldhouse Foundation has taken an interest in Jocee and they are helping her succeed at staying fit. They partner her with a young trainer to help her see what she is able to do. Staying fit is a hard job-being blind does throw some bumps in the way of that but the Fieldhouse doesn't let anything stop them from touching the lives of people in our community with the program that Jocee is in they help her to be successful in so many ways. I am thankful for such wonderful people in our area that reach out to those who have a different type of need and they not only help but build a better future for the children and mentors in the program by pairing them with someone who will change their lives. Thanks Fieldhouse Foundation-you make an outstanding difference in our lives.  Thank you.

Julie Janicki

I am writing on behalf of the Field of Dreams project which is sponsored by The Fieldhouse Foundation. I am very proud to say that my daughter has been an active participant in this program for several months now. There have been many benefits for her as she has struggled with her weight, but the staff was more than happy to take her on. She has been given many helpful tips for at home as well. When my daughter visits here, she is treated with respect and encouragement and her trainer never gives up on her, she pushes her to the best of her abilities. I, as well as my daugher, are very grateful for all that this foundation strives to do in regards to her health and well-being. I highly recommend this program for anyone out there looking for a helping hand and a caring heart in a time of much needed strength and encouragement.

April Pletcher

The Fieldhouse Foundation has been a great help to our family. Due to treatments for a childhood illness, our baby Alyssa has some neuromuscular complications in her lower legs. She takes chemotherapy drugs, and she has nerve pain which has caused her to learn the wrong way to walk. She always wanted to walk on her toes. She is now three and has been undergoing physical therapy at the Fieldhouse for several months. She is showing some signs of improvement in her strength and flexibility of her ankles and calves. Alyssa is doing exercises at the Fieldhouse and using some of their specialized equipment to aid in her rehabilitation. She is able to run and peddle her bikes on the track, and work with the aid of soccer balls and balancing equipment. We would like to thank the Fieldhouse Foundation for their help with getting our daughter ready for the days when she will no longer need cytotoxic drugs and outpatient clincs.

Chad and Kelly Foster

The Fieldhouse has been instrumental in my success in track and in life in general. They have been very helpful in keeping me in shape for the track season. On top of the physical aspects they helped with they have provided more mental support than you can imagine. They were at my first track meet and both of the state meets I attended and were cheering the whole time. They consistently tell me if I need anything they are willing to do whatever they can to help. On top of all of this they help me maintain all my unique accessible equipment needed to keep me active despite my disability. They have also introduced me to many people that have lead to many opportunities I would not have had. In conclusion they have provided invaluable help on as many levels as you would expect and many more.

Calib Davis

Shay was born November 25, 2007 in North Carolina. When he was 10 months old we started getting worried because Shay was not meeting his milestone. We started running test to try to make sense of what was going on. It wasn’t until he was 4 years old that we would find out he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This disorder would affect his fine motor skills across the board. After finding out what condition he has we started therapy and exercises based on creating new pathways for the brain. Shortly after receiving this news we started working with Mic at the Fieldhouse. The Fieldhouse was working on creating bikes to help people with disabilities to build muscles and coordination to improve quality of life. This is when Shay received his first bike. The Fieldhouse Foundation, Field of Dreams started off strong and continues to be a large part of our community for people with special needs. I am proud to say Shay has not only built new pathways to his brain by riding his motorized bike, but he has also received so many different forms of exercise and therapy. He has been able to use the heated pool for aqua therapy. He uses a walker for mobility and has been able to use the indoor track to build strength, while working with a trainer to help motivate him. He is also given goals to try to meet to help motivate him. Shay has improved on his motor skills and quality of life and we thank the Fieldhouse Foundation, Field of Dreams for being a big part of this. We also, thank the United Way for the continued support of the Fieldhouse Foundation, Field of Dreams.

The Norman Family

On August 19, 2016 my grandson Wyatt Ault was severely injured in an auto accident. Wyatt suffered a traumatic brain injury and we weren't sure if he would survive his injuries. He spent around three weeks at Grant Hospital ICU before being transferred to Nationwide Children's Hospital to begin rehab. Wyatt basically had relearn to do everything from walking and talking to breathing on his own. On October 20, 2016 he was released from Children's and we had to find a facility to continue a more aggressive rehab program. We were referred by a family friend who had a son who suffered similar injuries to The Fieldhouse in Zanesville Ohio. We visited the facility and after talking with Mick and his wife Harriet and meeting with Samuel Dewey we felt that this was the right place for Wyatt to continue his journey. When Wyatt started he could walk and talk but he had very little strength and his left side was severely limited and his weight had dropped to around 145 lbs from around 175. Prior to his accidentWyatt was very active in sports and in very good shape. Wyatt was a very good baseball player, very good left-handed pitcher and his goal is to play again his senior year in high school. Samuel had to start Wyatt's rehab from the bottom up. Wyatt's balance was an issue his left side of the body was an issue which was a concern as Wyatt is left-handed. Since Wyatt has been working at The Fieldhouse on his rehab has been making a remarkable recovery. He couldn't run at all when he started now he can run 3 miles his strength has increased almost back to where he was prior to the accident and some muscle groups is stronger. His balance has improved and continues to improve. His left side is almost back to normal but he still needs to work on this. He can once again throw and catch a baseball, play basketball. His mind is much stronger and his mental attitude is very good now. I believe that choosing this facility for Wyatt was a gift from God. I was extremely depressed by Wyatt's accident and didn't know what his future would be but believe he will now be able to return to sports and play at the high school level required and believe that the connection Wyatt has made here at The Fieldhouse with everyone and especially with Samuel will get him there. This is a very caring Foundation and my wife and I will be eternally grateful for what they have done for our only grandchild. 

Thank you!

Dana Kitchen

My family came to know about the Fieldhouse Foundation Membership last year. I'm so glad we joined. It's been quite beneficial to all of us. My son and I have Achondroplasia which is the most common form of Dwarfism. Staff at The Fieldhouse have been able to come up with exercise programs for BOTH of us that have helped immensely. Since Jeremy has been going he has gained better gait control and movement of his legs as he is running. He is also able to swim the length of the pool. Staff is also helping me with core strengthening. I am able to do more things around my home like standing at the sink to do dishes, climbing up and down on my stool to reach things better, use stairs to get in and out of various buildings and I'm even walking longer distances (up to half a mile) now! I was actually able to dance with my husband to our song we danced to at our wedding reception (this is something I haven't been able to do for about 4 years). Currently (and for about 4 years) I am walking with the assistance of a walker, but my ultimate goal is to walk on my own. I believe with the Foundation Membership and the assistance/encouragement of staff at The Fieldhouse, I will reach this goal. I also believe that Jeremy will continue with gaining more strength and control through his involvement. Our whole family has benefitted from our membership as my husband has even been going to the gym now that he has more time. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I finally have hope that we are all going to do/feel better!

Lori and Jeremy Joseph

Thank you to the Fieldhouse Foundation for inviting our son Drew to join. He has met new friends and has enjoyed every visit. A special thank you to Mick Amicone for taking Drew under his wing and making him feel so special. The foundation has given Drew the chance to be a part of a team. It's given him confidence in himself and to understand that he can do anything with a little encouragement. Drew looks forward to going every week to the Fieldhouse. As parents, we get to see how happy and excited he gets. Thanks again!

Frank and Karen Wiseman

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