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Full Facility

Access to the entire facility, if it is not in use it is available to you! There are no time restrictions aside from normal business hours. All aerobics classes are open to you for free.

Family: $579 or $439.25

Single: $459 or $349.25

*A 25% discount will be applied on payments made by cash, check, or card (all non-ACH payments)

Senior (55+)

Senior membership hours are restricted to 6:00am-6:00pm on weekdays and are not restricted on weekends. Senior members enjoy all the same features of the full membership.

Couple:  $290.00

Single:    $230.00


Single student memberships are full facility memberships that are offered to students. Schools that fall under this membership category are Muskingum University, East Muskingum, Franklin Local, Maysville, Rosecrans, and Zanesville High Schools.

Single: $199.00


The Powerhouse membership allows 24/7 access to the Powerhouse only. A key fob will be provided for the secured door to the Powerhouse.

Single: $309.00


Memorial Day to Labor Day Pass

Family: $205

Single: $155


Corporate memberships function in the same way as the full membership. The Fieldhouse has various corporate relationships. See the list in the pricing section to see if you are eligible for a discount based on your employer!

Click here for a list of Corporate Memberships and Pricing


This membership allows members to use only the indoor track at The Fieldhouse. Hours are unrestricted within normal operating hours.

Single: $155.00

Aerobic (3 month)

The three month aerobic pass allows individuals to use the facilities for our programmed aerobics and water aerobics solely.

Single: $155.00

Powerhouse add-on

Powerhouse 24/7 access may be added to to any membership to provide extended use of the facilities at The Fieldhouse.

First add-on:       $125.00

Each additional:  $50.00

3 Month Full Anytime

3 month pass any time of the year for a single person

Powerhouse (single): $180

Full + Powerhouse (single): $210

*Guests are subject to a fee of $10 per guest per day. ​

*Must be 13 years of age to be on exercise equipment.

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